Odd and Even Statistics

Selecting an even number of odd & even numbers has been a strategy for lottery players for years. It is justified and below our statistics show that to be true. Some people are doubtful and think lotteries are completely random and everyone stands an equal chance of winning. We agree lottery picks are random but we argue that not everyone stands an equal chance of winning. To prove our point, lets take 2 random 6/49 lines. . (a) 4, 7, 13, 36, 37, 49 and (b) 9, 13, 14, 27, 38, 48.

Do these 2 choices have an equal chance of winning? Over a period of time, they absolutely do not. (b) has approximately a 32% chance of winning while (a) only has a 26% chance. To understand why, you need to think about probability. There are 25 odd numbers and 24 even numbers between 1 to 49. That means, the first pick, is more likely to be an odd number. If an even number is chosen, then the second pick has a higher chance of being an odd number. The odds are weighted toward having an even number of even and odd numbers being chosen.

Let LotteryTracker do the math to help you choose the right lines. The charts below are generated daily and prove to you that choosing an even number of odd and even numbers give you a slight advantage. In the case of Lotto Max having 7 numbers to choose, your odds are best choosing 4 odd numbers.