How It Works

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LotteryTracker works by collecting information about your lottery group, including, the email addresses of group members and lottery ticket information. LotteryTracker checks your group lottery numbers following each draw and emails the results to all members.

  • Create a Group Lottery

    Once you have registered with LotteryTracker, start using LotteryTracker to manage your group lotteries by selecting "Get Started Now" on the Groups page.

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  • Upload Group Documents

    Use LotteryTracker to upload and share group lottery documents such as a Terms of Reference agreement and Group play forms.

  • Enter Lottery Ticket Information

    Enter the details for lottery tickets purchased for the group in the Tickets page. You will be asked to enter the first draw date, the number of draws the ticket was purchased for and the lottery numbers.

    Tip #1: Tickets may be purchased for multiple lottery draws to reduce the number of trips to your lottery retailer and entering lottery ticket information into LotteryTracker.

    Tip #2: Share the responsibility of purchasing lottery tickets by having group members enter lottery ticket information.

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